Terms & Conditions

The Nev Smith Swim Squad is a year round competitive swim team offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. The goal of our team is to provide every member an opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve success at his or her level of ability, from novice to international competitor.

Please Note:

1. Coaching fees are payable by cash / EFT in advance and must be paid by the 28th day of the preceding month: late payments and cash deposits will be subject to a 15% penalty fee.
2. All swimmers are required to obtain a SSA Unique COVID Number, to fill in and sign the indemnity form on joining, as well as paying the annual Squad fee.
3. No swimming will be permitted until the indemnity form and payment has been received.
4. Sessions missed or cancelled due to inclement weather, pool maintenance or force majeure will not be made up.
3. All gala fees are payable on gala registration. Cancellation/withdrawal fees will be for your account.
5. All costs regarding the recovery of outstanding amounts owed to NSSS will be borne by the signatory.
6. Neville Smith as Head Coach is responsible for all the training programs but may not be on the pool deck at all times.
7.Two calendar month’s (2) written notice and two month’s fees are to be paid upon termination of coaching.
8. This contract is for an initial twelve-month (12) period and will automatically extend unless otherwise indicated & is subject to change without prior notice.
9. Pupils inside the school premises are the responsibility of the coaches. All SSA COVID Regulations will be adhered to.
10. Pupils outside the school premises are the responsibility of the parent.
11. Please do not allow your child to run around the pool area or play on the stands.
12. No rough play allowed in the pool area, or tampering with school or club equipment.
13. Please be punctual when arriving for sessions and attend regularly in order to achieve maximum benefit. Coach Nev can only take responsibility of your child’s performance if they attend 80%+ of training sessions.
14. Disruptive behavior and foul language cannot and will not be tolerated: persistent transgressors will be subject to one written warning. Should there be further transgression, the individual will be required to leave the squad immediately, while two month’s fees will be paid upon termination. Failure to comply with this requirement could lead to Tuks Swimming, NTS & SSA being informed that the said individual in “not in good standing” due to outstanding payments.
15. Swimming lessons continue throughout school holidays, with the following exceptions
– Squads: These groups are closed for 2 weeks in December/January and 1 week at the end of the season in April.
– Competitive swimmers: These groups are closed for 2 weeks in the December/January holidays and 2 weeks at the end of the competitive season.
16. Right of Admission is reserved.

The Nev Smith Swim Squad endeavors to grant subsidies to swimmers to help defray the costs. Should, for whatever reason, such a swimmer seek to leave the Nev Smith Swim Squad within 12 months of receiving a subsidy or does not re-register with the Nev Smith Swim Squad for the following season, he or she will be liable for repayment of any and all subsidy received during this season.

Registration to Club / NTS / SSA
The Nev Smith Swim Squad is proudly affiliated to Tuks Swimming – the season runs from May until April annually. Annual Club Fees are fully payable on registration by applicant to Tuks Swimming to those who wish to utilize the University of Pretoria facilities and participate competitively. Payment options are available on request.

• TUKS Membership Fee = TUKS Registration Fee, SSA & NTS Affiliation Fee
• TUKS option 1. – Level 1 Competitive swimmer  / Schools swimmer
• TUKS option 2. – Competitive swimmer

Take note of the following:

LEVEL 1 Swimmers( Code 3R) are only allowed to enter 50 and 100-meter events and the 200 IM. They are also not allowed to participate in the National/Regional Levels galas (except level 1 Champs), and NTS Champs.

School Swimmers (Code SS) are only allowed to enter 50-meter events and they are also not allowed to participate in the National/Regional Levels galas, and NTS Champs.

LTS Participant (Code AL) are only allowed to enter the LTS-galas.

*Feel free to discuss any of the above matters if concerns arise with Coach Nev

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